Jon, Brian, Dave, Krista, Dixie, Greg, Mary Sellers of Meals on Wheels, Leanne 

​The Claudia Jacobs Band

May 27th, 2018

Miles To Dayton

Our inaugural Concert at the Barn was held Sunday May 27, 2018 and featured the fabulous Claudia Jacobs Band! On stage were Claudia Jacobs, Dan Weymouth and Greg Galluccio, with special guest players Rich Hall on bass, Steve Kaplan on bass and Howie Silverman on drums. THANK YOU to friends old and new, neighbors and colleagues who raised over $600 for Strengthen Our Sisters, a women's shelter in nearby Wanaque, NJ. We are so grateful to the (non-Greg) band members and their families for making the trip from Long Island and delivering such a joyful performance. 

On Saturday Oct 6, 2018, in the midst of busy apple picking season in Warwick, Miles To Dayton rode into town and delivered their signature performance: soaring voices in multi-part harmony, accompanied by guitars, percussion, cello and a hot fiddle. I'm still humming "Say It Now" and marveling about the way they moved close to and away from the single microphone, creating a human mixing board. The warmth they generated through their superb songwriting, expert musicianship and engaging family dynamic was a perfect fit for the intimacy of the Barn. Jonathan Preddice (guitar, cello, vocals), Krista March Preddice (vocals), Dave March (bass, guitar, vocals), Leanne Preddice (violin, vocals) and Brian Kroll (percussion, vocals) played for nearly 2 hours for an attentive audience of new friends, long-time fans and folks who took our word for it that they are awesome. As these concerts are for charity, I'm pleased to say this show raised over $400 for Meals on Wheels of Warwick! Many. Many thanks to all who attended. If you are not on our mailing list and want to be, send us a note using the Contact Us page. -- Dixie and Greg

​Miles To Dayton

October 6, 2018