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Greg Galluccio

Little Blind Fish

Cool David Crosby/Jeff Pevar tune.  Martin Acoustic, Reason and BFT Percussion.  Simple as that.

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I'm a guy with a guitar and some recording equipment.   But I have an OFFICIAL WEBSITE, which makes me... official.   It costs  $2.38 per be official, in case you're wondering.

Soundsurfr Music Production is my company.  SMP produces theme and background music for television, so in a way, I suppose I am somewhat official, website or no website.  This site is a vehicle to showcase some of my music and talk about various projects.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.   

Oh and I also play guitar in the Claudia Jacobs Band (  If you're interested, message me and I'll keep you posted on gigs, recordings and events.   

Steely Dan song done acoustically.   With help from Phil Sivilli on bass and backing vocs, Nancy Donnelly mimics the Phil Woods sax solo on her flute - no small feat.